2-stage hair serum

An innovative method for genuine colour and strength



ECOTONUS® HCU COLOR RESTORER is an innovation serum to restore the genuine hair colour. Contains copper peptides that enhance the melanin production, fight the degenerative processes and stimulate hair growth.

Our hair color comes from pigment called melanin. Our hair may contain dark melanin (eumelanin) and light melanin (pheomelanin), which blend together to form the many shades of hair color. As we age, melanin is replaced with colorless air bubbles, which is why our hair turns gray. It means that our hair follicles stop making melanin. Our hair does not turn gray, it grows gray as the hair follicles stop producing melanin or bleach it out.

What exactly causes melanin to be reduced has remained a mystery, until now. Recent scientific data suggests for a genetic factor together with environmental contribution from pollution, poor diet, stress, vitamin B12 deficiency.

After 30 years of research and testing, Cellcode LLC USA developed an actual therapy that gets to the root of the problem to reinitiate the melanin production. ECOTONUS® HCU COLOR RESTORER is specialized for use on the scalp, and it offers significant benefits through its overall mechanism of action on the production of melanin, follicular dysfunction and vitality of the scalp, as well as improving the strength and structure of the hair.

The beneficial actions of our product:

  • Enhance the melanin production cascade in the hair melanocytes

  • Suppress the excessive production of oxygen metabolites in the hair follicles

  • Deliver antioxidants to the hair shaft

  • Revitalize the hair bulb cells.

Application: Apply 1ml of the serum in Bottle 1 on clean dry hair and massage in until fully absorbed. Repeat using the serum from Bottle 2. Leave on for at least three hours or until the next time you wash your hair.

No need to rinse. For best results use continuously for 6 months, followed by a 3 -month break.


Bottle 1 – 30 ml

Bottle 2 - 30 ml


Developed by Cellcode LLC, USA

Produced in EU for Medeko Commerce LTD

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Tel. +359 2 9588825

ECOTONUS® is a registered EU trademark owned by Medeko Commerce Ltd.